Dreamland Psilocybin Chocolate

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Dreamland Psychedelics Mushroom Chocolate. 

Firstly ,this is a Canadian-based brand that believes in the therapeutic and medicinal benefits of magic mushrooms. Moreover, studies show that some of the main psychedelic components of magic mushrooms s contain medicinal properties that can help treat depression, anxiety, bipolar diseases, and many other ailments. Dreamland Psychedelics Cookies & Cream Bar

Dreamland Psilocybin Chocolate

Embark on a blissful journey to Dreamland with our Psilocybin-infused Chocolate. Crafted with the finest ingredients and a touch of magic, each bite of our Dreamland Chocolate takes you on a delightful adventure of the senses.

Savor the velvety richness of premium chocolate infused with the gentle yet transformative essence of Psilocybin. As the smooth chocolate melts on your tongue, you’ll feel a sense of relaxation wash over you, paving the way for a dreamy experience like no other.

Our Dreamland Psilocybin Chocolate is meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect balance of flavor and potency, allowing you to explore the depths of your imagination with confidence and clarity. Whether you’re seeking creative inspiration, inner peace, or simply a moment of pure bliss, our Dreamland Chocolate is your passport to a world of enchantment.

Indulge in the magic of our Dreamland Psilocybin Chocolate and let your mind wander to new horizons. With each decadent bite, you’ll be transported to a realm of wonder and possibility, where the boundaries of reality fade away, and dreams take flight. Unlock the door to your imagination and discover the infinite possibilities that await in Dreamland.

Usage & Dosage

Start Low and Go Slow

Firstly, Each square contains 250mg of magic mushrooms. 12 squares per bar. Begin with 1 square for microdosing. 4 squares+ for a full magic mushroom experience.

Wait 30-60 minutes for effects to kick in before deciding to eat more. Enjoy!

Every bar contains a total of 3.0g (3000mg) of magic mushroom content. These tasty chocolate bars are a great way for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy magic mushrooms. Dreamland Psychedelics Mushroom Chocolates are made with natural, wholesome cocoa and infused with real, potent Golden Teachers.

Best psychedelic mushrooms for depression

In a study of adults with a long-term history of depression, two doses of psilocybin, combined with supportive “talk” therapy, led to large, stable, and enduring antidepressant effects through a year of follow-up.

Firstly, Psilocybin treatment led to large decreases in depression, and depression remained less severe up to 12 months after treatment.

Moreover, there were no serious side effects related to psilocybin in the long-term follow-up period.

“A previous study of psilocybin-assisted therapy in patients with cancer-related depression and anxiety symptoms found that improvements in mood and well-being may persist up to 4.5 years following treatment,” Gukasyan says.

In conclusion, an extremely beginner friendly and convenient option, these tasty chocolate bars are a great way for beginners and veterans alike to enjoy magic mushrooms. Buy Dreamland Psychedelics Mushroom Chocolate


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