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VEGAN DARK CHOCOLATE BARS (3.5GS EACH) of vegan dark chocolate One of the preferred methods for both novice and seasoned psychonauts to consume magic mushrooms is through chocolate bars. This is due to the fact that psilocybin may be ingested easily and delectably through magic mushroom chocolate bars.

Therefore, we made the decision to step it up and produce a silky, tasty, mystical mushroom chocolate bar with amazing results. Our magic mushroom cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar is now available. The psychedelic chocolate bars will take you on a brand-new chocolatey adventure! Give in to your senses with a delectable blend of psychedelic mushrooms and 100% organic, responsibly sourced chocolate. Take pleasure in the complex flavours while feeling inspired, energised, and prepared to take on the day. With our special combination of natural ingredients. Prepare yourself to discover a whole new world of delicious chocolate!
At Pure Lovin’ Chocolate, we create artisan chocolate products in small batches that are vegan, sustainable, and delicious! Our little boutique makes unique, decadent chocolate delights that you won’t find anywhere else, making it the perfect destination for vegan chocolate lovers!

Our goods can be purchased online, at other artisan chocolate stores in BC and Alberta, as well as in our retail locations in Victoria, BC. Visit us here to order vegan chocolate from our online store, which delivers to all of Canada and the USA!


Dark Chocolate has Antioxidant Properties. …

Dark Chocolate Can Boost Your Focus.

It Protects Your Skin from Dehydration.

It Supports the Functions of Your Heart.

Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure.

Dark Chocolate Is Rich in Good Nutrients.

It Boosts Your Energy Levels.

Dark Chocolate Is Important for Pregnant Women.

Key ingredients

Cacao powder: cacao is actually the part of dark chocolate that’s so good for you. It’s full of vitamins and minerals like iron and magnesium. Careful not to confuse cacao powder with cocoa powder, which is different since the cacao beans are both fermented and roasted. Unfortunately, this process gets rid of the antioxidants and other nutrients that are so high in cacao powder.
Coconut oil: this oil gives the chocolate recipe structure while also providing a subtle coconut flavor. Coconut oil also makes the texture extra smooth and creamy, which is extremely important to any good chocolate recipe.
Maple syrup: we love the amount of sweet maple syrup adds to the chocolate. Believe it or not, maple syrup actually has higher levels of minerals and antioxidants with fewer calories than honey!


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