One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar

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One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar

One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar is a white chocolate bar, packed full of strawberries and chunks of airy homemade shortcake.

Firstly, it’s a chocolate bar that tastes like absolute heaven in every bite! Wrapped up in hand-drawn strawberry graphics. handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens.

One Up One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar Flavor

Also, Comparable to Sweet Vanilla Cake, Whipped Cream, and Strawberries, Strawberry Shortcake Flavoring provides a fresh and Creamy Strawberry Sweetness.

Again, You get fewer of them than other flavors, but the taste is worth it in my opinion. Though, rest assured order them during hot months in your part of the world because they will be probably packaged to avoid melting down together.

There are some things that shipping services can’t account for, so that’s why we take into account getting them well packaged.

if you’ve never had the pleasure of opening one up multiverse that has arrived as a block of chocolate with strawberry sweetness milk chocolate.

However, One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake Chocolate Bar comes in many flavors such as Cookies Badder Ice Cream, Banana Cream pie, Peach Parfait, Vanilla Biscuit, Chocolate Milk, Almond Crush, Oreo Milkshake, Matcha Milk tea, Strawberry Shortcake Ans Blueberry Yourgut.

Furthermore, One up Multiverse Strawberry Shortcake, Originates from United States. it continues to be one of the most popular mushroom bars in the country after Polka dot magic Belgian chocolate, shroomiez, and fusion Chocolate.

To Add, One up multiverse almond crush is more than candy bars. They’re chances to stop and savor life’s sweeter side.

each bite is filled with crunchy almonds and classic swiss milk chocolate.

These products may contain Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, psychedelic substance.

Finally, we highly recommend that operation of heavy machinery or driving of motor vehicles after consuming these psilocybin containing shrooms.


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