One Up Multiverse Matcha Milk Tea Chocolate Bar

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One Up Multiverse Matcha Milk Tea Chocolate Bar

One Up Multiverse Matcha Milk Tea Chocolate Bar is one of 10 new flavors from the One Up Mushroom brand. Matcha Milk Tea is a superior chocolate bar created with delectable matcha milk. This chocolate bar is smooth and delicious. It still packs the impact that one-up bars are known for.

For matcha fans, we’ve created the ideal matcha chocolate bar, combining fine white chocolate with matcha green tea. This is followed by a sweet creamy taste that not only allows the matcha to be subtle but also lets your taste receptors know it’s present. Our matcha chocolate bar is made using ceremonial matcha green tea.

One up Multiverse Packaging

The package and one up multiverse have both been upgraded from our previous one up mushroom bars. The one up multiverse brand name appears at the top of our bars, with the flavor title right below. Below the flavor label is an image of our mascot, Mario Guy from the Mario games.

It is also much easier to confirm the legitimacy of your one-up multiverse bars because they feature QR codes on the back. Simply scan the QR code to determine whether the bar is legitimate or not.

Where to buy One up Multiverse Mushroom Bars

Due to the increasing popularity of psychedelic mushroom bars. The demand for one-up bars has also increased dramatically. Statistics for 2022 suggest that one up mushroom and one up multiverse bars account for 28% of market demand, trailing only polkadot bars. One up mushrooms had a larger market share than big and established mushroom chocolate brands like fun guy chocolate bars. That speaks volumes about the quality of our chocolate bars.

Because of the huge demand for one up multiverse bars, the market has seen a flood of various counterfeits claiming to sell genuine one up bars. The majority of these plugs sell bogus bars, which will not provide you with a proper one-up experience. We prefer that you purchase from a licensed dispensary, however you may also buy multiverse bars online through our website.


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