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Good Trip | Cookies and Cream

Good Trip | Cookies and Cream are among the top psilocybin products on the market for micro-dosing and come highly recommended by medical professionals.

Since it is incredibly nutrient-rich and takes between 45 and an hour before any effects are felt by the body, it is usually suggested for novices to eat 2-3 square pieces.

A few of these impacts include,

aids in promoting the formation of brain cells
Increasing concentration and focus
helps those who are depressed
It assists with easing stress and exhaustion.
helps cancer patients with their pain

Through this method, the oil’s cis-unsaturated natural form was changed to an artificial trans-unsaturated form, which solidifies the oil without altering its unsaturated fat content.

The good trip milk bars come in a variety of flavors. Each flavor has an own flavor, and some may be stronger than others. Consider making any

The process of oil hardening, specifically partial hydrogenation, results in the formation of trans-fat in high concentrations.

Best of luck, Cookies and Cream BELGIAN CHOCOLATE B3 WITH EPIC BAR MUSHROOM INFUSED 4000mg Psychedelic mushroom bars containing psilocybin 300mg THC and 4 grams of Belgian chocolate. They are created by infusing chocolate bars with the good trip strain.

Oil is partially hydrogenated by adding a hydrogen molecule while being heated to a high temperature and having a catalyst present.

The 1950s to the 1970s saw a rise in the usage of partially hydrogenated oil, which was seen as a healthier option to vegetable oils with high levels of saturated fat.

effects on health

Benefits of Good Trip Cookies and Cream

Helps in stimulating brain cell growth
Boost focus and concentration levels
Aids in cases of depression
It helps in relieving stress and fatigue
Helps tp relieve pain in cancer patients


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