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Dream Cookies & Cream

Dream Cookies and Cream Mushrooms are more than just a tasty topping on your pizza or pasta. Delving into the ancient practices of Shamanism, in our dream world mushrooms have been used to contact the spiritual realm for centuries. I want to share something exciting with you — if you had a dream about mushrooms last night, you may be more spiritually connected over the coming weeks.Dream Cookies and Cream Buy

Mushrooms can convey important life lessons in our dreams. It can imply that you are engaging in behaviors that will eventually hurt you, resulting in loss of money and ongoing difficulties. It’s interesting how the type and color of the mushroom, as well as the setting of the dream, can affect the interpretation. Themes that mushrooms frequently depict in dreams include dealing with health issues, being duped by friends, and even having a strong desire to flee from the “daily grind” of ordinary life. Consider this: mushrooms are able to grow and spread like wildfire on virtually any surface. You’ve probably noticed that musty form of fungus growing in your kitchen’s vegetable basket when you’ve forgotten.

Anywhere, on anything, in any circumstance, and in any environment, mushrooms can grow. If the mushrooms in your dream suddenly arrived or were presented to you as a gift, this may portend some exciting developments that are about to happen in your life. If your psyche is letting you know that something needs to change, you might want to remember that adaptability is also a requirement of change.


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